Donating your wetsuit or dive gear is always appreciated, however, monetary donations help us execute our mission. You can help us out by supporting one of the following projects below or by donating directly into our general fund.


General Funds

While general fund donations seem like a boring way to help out, they allow us to cover our cost of doing business and keeps us going year to year. Without or basic costs covered, we wont be able to do the work that we do. Whatever doesn’t get used to cover our expenses will be destined toward a project that needs funding.

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Get a Wetsuit to a Fisherman

Donating your wetsuit is not the end of the story. We gotta get the suits to these guys! A donation of $10 will get one wetsuit across the border and in the hands of a fisherman is in need of a wetsuit recharge!

Btw, the dude in this photo used to wear two worn out wetsuits: one with a giant hole in the front, the other with a giant hole in the back. He’d wear this setup at depths of 75 feet in the cold Pacific waters. He’s now diving warm and cozy, thanks to you guys!


Diving Safety Exchange

We’re in search for dive computer donations but haven’t had any luck. Fishermen often work at depths of 75 feet for a period of 2.5 hours. The bends is a real issue and a regular occurrence. Our goal is to host a diving safety exchange that would integrate the use of dive computers with the type of diving that they do.

If you have a used dive computer to donate, please contact